Experimental Database On Boat Performance Tests Provided By Users

"Boat-Motor-Prop" Simulator


The Goal Of The Project

Key features of the simulator:

  • hull trim simulation considering a tilt of an outboard motor or a stern drive

  • use of propeller efficiency charts derived from the boat tests

  • simulation of boats equipped with surface piercing propellers

  • simulation of Duo Props

Main Idea Of The Project
Exctracted Propeller Efficiency Charts
Simulator Features
Simulator And Database Limitations
Presentation Of Results
Current Database Status
Input Format
How To Use



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New entries:

tests have been added, published in the summer season of 2019

In the latest version it became possible to calculate coaxial counter-rotating props known as Duo Prop


Simulator Video Tutorial

Sorry, this video is only for older versions of the simulator. Video for 2.6 version is under construction.

1. Boat speed and RPM calculation for a given set. One payload, several payloads.
2. Boat speed and RPM calculation for the test from the database.
3. Several props comparison for the given hull and motor.
4. Cruising speed and fuel consumption.
5. Calculation of speed and rpm variation for different props based on user test data.


Last Updates and Installation

A new Boat-Motor-Prop Simulator Lite version 2.6 has been released!

Added: simulation of the drive with partially submerged props. Automatic search for optimum installation height of the drive.

Added: simulation of motorboats with Duo Props

Download the installer and run it. The application is incompatible with the old version 1.x, so use another folder for the installation. The new version includes all old databases.

Routine updates

Updates are released regularly while new items are added to database or new tests are added or the program is corrected or improved.

Current file version is
See details about latest changes in Revision History.
To update databases and software, download the installer and during installation select the same folder in which the previous version is.


(1.27 MB, file date 02.04.2020)

If you find errors in database records or bugs in the software, please let me know. Air and water parameters are set by default if they were not given by the tester. If you can correct an old data, please send me the record number and I will amend it.

I would appreciate any suggestions, bug reports, links to existing test data sources. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


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